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A company that specializes in developing mobile apps for  mind training and working with programs developed by leading Psychologists and mind training experts. 

Inspire people to feel positive

In a world with many distractions, both positive and less positive, we aim to help people become more focused. With mindfulness and meditation, it is possible to reach a level of calm that can limit the impact of these external distractions. We believe that everything is interconnected and having a positive outlook internally can change ones mind to see the outside in a positive way too.

Dedicated to make a positive impact in the world

Interconnected has recently started, however, our sister company has been making Mindfulness Apps since 2012. We practice what we say and our founders include published mindfulness authors, corporate mindfulness trainer and a mindfulness teacher trainer.

Our mission is simple, to help people. And how do we help people? We help them manage their minds by giving them access to some of the best meditation teachers in the world, via state of the art mobile apps.

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